Your Fat Cat Will Absolutely Have a Shorter Lifespan Than a Healthy Weight Cat.

Odds are, your cat is fat.  

The Association For Pet Obesity Prevention estimates that a full 60% of cats in America are overweight or obese.  Even more shocking than that, studies show that only 10% of people with an overweight cat recognize that their cat is fat.

You probably have a fat cat, and you don’t even know it.  

Fat cats are cute and adorable. The truth is, it’s also dangerously unhealthy for your cat to be overweight. Fat cats are much more likely to develop diabetes, arthritis, high blood pressure, kidney disease, cancer, and more. Your fat cat will absolutely have a shorter lifespan than a healthy weight cat. There is nothing cute about that.

Here are the top three ways to know that your cat is fat.

1 - Put your hands on your cat.  It is normal and healthy for a cat to have a thin layer of flesh between their skin and bones.  If you have to press hard to feel a bone, or can not feel bones at all, your cat is fat.

Make a fist and feel of the top of your hand.  That’s what your cat’s rib cage should feel like.  Now, open your fist, flip your hand over and feel the meat of your palm.  Is that what your cat’s rib cage feels like? If so, your cat is fat.

2 - Your cat can’t reach.  Is your cat’s coat looking rough?  A healthy cat can reach all of their body parts to keep them clean.  A very fat cat often struggles to reach parts of their back and rear - leaving their bathroom hygiene sub-par and their coat spiky and/or matted.

3- Think in shapes.  Stand over your cat and look at their silhouette from the top down.  Your cat should look more like an hourglass than a bowling ball.

If you find that your cat is fat, it is time to do something about it.  Continuing to do what you are doing now is not working.
Spoiler alert - How you feed your cat is just as important as what you feed your cat.  Healthy cats hunt.
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